Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons is the author of three ebooks: I Woke Up In Love This Morning, Take What You Got and Fly With It, and Ella Bella. She lives in Lafayette, California.

Pure Imagination

The other day I was walking with my father in my town. I’ve lived in Lafayette for eight and a half years now, but grew up ten minutes away in Pleasant Hill. We walked past the old movie theater, the Park. “Any movies playing?” Dad asked. “No, it closed ten years ago. I always thought… [Keep Reading]

The Ballad of Lois Duncan and Kait Arquette

  Nobody did suspense better than Lois Duncan. Throughout my childhood, her paperbacks were always in drugstores, libraries, and bookstores. The covers usually had a beautiful girl scared about something. She had the seventies parted hair, beautiful complexion. Duncan hated it when her books were called horror. She preferred the term suspense. No matter what… [Keep Reading]

Mrs. Cleary at 100

Four years ago I sent a short essay about Beverly Cleary’s birthday to KQED’s Perspective series. The editor Mark read it and enjoyed it, but will anyone else remember Beverly Cleary? He asked his colleagues. Instantly they responded with their favorite characters and plot lines: Henry Huggins trying to get a paper route! Ralph S…. [Keep Reading]

Call Her Anna

From the wonderful website Super Hero Lunchbox: I was quite a bit older when I realized that Patty’s performance as Neely was adored by queer people the world over, and older, still, when I found out that she embraced this fandom with all her heart. She was OUR GIRL, from way back. Anna – this… [Keep Reading]

Harry and Clare, Skyying

  When I heard about Clare Alden MacIntyre-Ross’ death, I started weeping. You might be thinking who is Clare MacIntyre-Ross? It’s a long story. It’s a story about summer camp, young love, partings, and then was translated into a song made even more poignant when the man who sang it died way too young. Clichéd… [Keep Reading]